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Paramagnetic NMR


Here are the people involved and connected to my project

  Prof. Alexandre Bonvin is group leader at UU in the Bijvoet Center. He is also the coordinator of the WeNMR project.  
Dr. Thomas Huber, he supervised my PhD. He works on computational aspects in structural biology at ANU. Prof. Gottfried Otting, he also supervised my PhD. He leads a NMR group at ANU.
Prof. Guido Pintacuda, here he says goodbye to liquid state NMR for solid state, at ENS-lyon. Mitchell Stanton-Cook, he is finishing his PhD in paramagnetic NMR.
Dr Michael John has now a position at Georg-August Universitat in Gottingen. Dr Xun-Cheng Su is working on NMR.

Group picture (with the MD group)

Picture of Alexandre Bonvin group