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Paramagnetic NMR


Possum: paramagnetically orchestrated spectral solver of unassigned methyls

The program Possum has been designed to automatically assign chemical shift resonances of methyl groups.

Possum takes as input two lists of chemical shifts arising from two 13C-HSQC experiments. The first experiment is done in a diamagnetic state, the second experiment is done in presence of a paramagnetic lanthanide that has to be introduced in the protein of interest. A crystal structure is required.


You can request by email (see Contact) the program Possum for academic purpose only. Please, note that this is a scientific code, not necessarily well commented, not necessarily user friendly.
You can download the presentation of Possum given at the East Coast Protein Meeting 2007. Best viewed with powerpoint on a windows system.


You can download the poster of Possum presented at the SMMS symposium 2007.

More details can be found in this publication:

Michael John, Christophe Schmitz, Ah Young Park, Nicholas E. Dixon, Thomas Huber and Gottfried Otting (2007). Sequence- and stereospecific assignment of methyl groups using paramagnetic lanthanides. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 129:13749-13757.

Article: [PDF] Supplementary material: [PDF]